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Here you can find all the available pickguard shapes. The mounting hole distances are measured from hole center to center in mm.
Contact me if you need more information.

LP Style

GLPV1 Gibson Les Paul Version 1
GLPV2 Gibson Les Paul Version 2
ELPV1 Epiphone Les Paul Version 1
ELPV2 Epiphone Les Paul Version 2
GLPJV1 Gibson Les Paul Junior
GLPSDCV1 Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cut Version 1

Explorer Style

GEXV1 Gibson Explorer Version 1
GEXV2 Gibson Explorer Version 2
GEXV3 Gibson Explorer Version 3
EEXV1 Epiphone Explorer Version 1
EEXGV1 Epiphone Explorer Goth Version 1

Firebird Style

GFBRV1 Gibson Firebird Reverse
EFBRV1 Epiphone Firebird Reverse

Ibanez Style

IBPV1 Ibanez RG / Jem Version 1
IBPV2 Ibanez RG / Jem Version 2
IBAS73V1 Ibanez AS73 IV Version 1

Flying V Style

GFV67RI Gibson Flying V 67 Reissue
EFV67 Epiphone Flying V 67

Jazz Bass Style

FJSJBV1 Fender Standard Jazz Bass
FJBGLV1 Fender Jazz Bass Geddy Lee
FJBD5V1 Fender Jazz Bass Deluxe 5 string
SBFJBJAV1 Squier by Fender Jazz Bass 1987 Japan

Precision Bass Style

FPBSV1 Fender Precison Bass Standard V1

SPBSV1 Squier Precison Bass Standard V1

Strat Style

FSTSSS11 Fender Stratocaster 11 hole
FSTHSS11 Fender Stratocaster HSS 11 hole
FST57RI8 Fender Stratocaster 57 Reissue 8 hole

SG Style  (full face)

GSGSV1 Gibson SG Standard
GSG3SC Gibson SG 3 Single Coil
GSG3H Gibson SG 3 Humbucker
ESGG310V1 Epiphone SG G310

SG Style (half face)

EG400V1 Epiphone SG G400 Version 1
EG400V2 Epiphone SG G400 Version 2
EG400GV1 Epiphone SG G400 Goth Version 1

Tele Style

FTS8V1 Fender Telecaster Standard 8 hole
FTS5V1 Fender Telecaster 5 hole
FTH8V1 Fender Telecaster 8 hole Humbucker
FTTL72RI Fender Telecaster Thinline 72 RI

Thunderbird Style

GTBV1 Gibson Thunderbird Version 1
GTBV2 Gibson Thunderbird Version 2
ETBV1 Epiphone Thunderbird Version 1
ETBV2 Epiphone Thunderbird Version 2
ETBV3 Epiphone Thunderbird Version 3
ETBGV1 Epiphone Thunderbird Goth Version 1
ETBGV2 Epiphone Thunderbird Goth version 2
ETBPROV1 Epiphone Thunderbird Pro Version 1
ETBPROV2 Epiphone Thunderbird Pro Version 2

Music Man Bass Style
MMS4S1P  Music Man Stingray Version 1

Acoustic Pickguards

APV1 Martin Style 1
APV2 Gibson Style 1

Control Plates

FJBCP4 Fender Jazz Bass Control Plate 4 hole
FJBCP3 Fender Jazz Bass Control Plate 3 hole
TCP01 Tele Control Plate Version 1
TCP02 Tele Control Plate version 2 (Toggle)

Back Plates

FSBPV1 Fender Strat Back Plate Version 1
SSBPV1 Squier Strat Back Plate Version 1

Truss Rod Cover

TRC1    Gibson
TRC2A  Epiphone Version 1
TRC2B  Epiphone Version 2
TRC2C  Epiphone Version 3
TRC3    Epiphone Version 4
TRC4    Epiphone Version 5
TRC5    Epiphone Version 6

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